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HTS Download

Eugene Investment & Futures provide foreign investor with this powerful cyber trading tool (Cheil-Ro) which allows you to create real-time, highly-customisable system of every futures & options traded at Korea Exchange (KRX). Using Cheil-Ro, it is possible to send trades electronically over the Internet (from anywhere in the world) directly to the KRX. Cheil-Ro provides the beginner trader with a perceptive, easy to use interface, while giving the expert traders the speed and accuracy they demand.
Major Features of Cheil-Ro
  • Intraday/ Historical Charts

    - Over sixty technical studies, along with additional indicators and numerous charts.

  • System Trading Tool

    - Twenty-nine basic system tools which can be easily customized by user-defined formulas.

  • Automated Ordering Function

    - place an order automatically, semi-automatically, or though signal-only indicator.

  • Options Trading System

    - provide with specialized screens that will facilitate options trading by displaying quotes, charts etc.

We give you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with our system-trading platform, view our live streaming and stimulated trading to KRX. If you're new to KRX market, this demo is a great way to learn the mechanics -- before putting real money.

Eugene Investment & Futures offer free, unlimited access go Cheil-Ro!

Please contact Eugene Investment & Futures International Business Team at +82-2-3771-8744 or send us an e-mail. We will inform you of all information including login ID & password.