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Are there any restrictions on foreign investor participation in the market?

The government's strong will to press for more bold measures toward liberalization and internationalization of financial markets will help spur foreign interest in Korean financial market. There is no discrimination against foreigners in the KRX market. Moreover, KRX is not considering any position limit for all investors, foreign and local participants except under certain conditions.

Does a foreign investor need an investment registration card (IRC) to trade futures and options listed on KRX?

As for foreign investor, it is acceptable to use Business Registration instead of IRC. KRX does not require the IRC for foreign investors to trade futures and options listed on KRX.

Can foreign companies be Members or Clearing Members?

A foreign company can be a Clearing member or Non-Clearing Member or Non-Clearing Special Member. Before applying for a membership to KRX, it must obtain permission of futures trading business from FSC.

Where can I get the information related to KRX such as news, volume, and historical prices in English?

Most of the information is available at Eugene Investment & Futures homepage and Cheil-Ro.

Where else can I obtain price data for futures and options contracts?

There's several channels to obtain information including price data. Eugene Investment & Futures provide price data through our internet homepages and HTS. Also, private information vendors such as Reuters and Bridge also provide it to their subscribers.

Does the exchange allow investors to place orders directly into the exchange via terminals that are situated in another country?

KRX does not take an order from customer directly. So investors should place an order through the member including Eugene Investment & Futures . If an investor have HTS of KRX member, he can trade without geographical and physical restrictions.

Is it possible for an overseas investor to place an order from another country which is then routed through 'the member's system [HTS] and to the exchange?

Foreign investor can place an order to Eugene Investment & Futures by means of HTS. The streams of orders are as follows.
End Client => Main Office System => KRX System.