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CEO’ s Letter

Since the 1997 financial turmoil, Korea Futures market has grown rapidly to meet the burgeoning needs of the financial derivatives as a tool for risk management. In 2005 the Korea Exchange (KRX) was created through the integration of the three existing the Korea Stock Exchange, Kosdaq Market, Korea Futures Exchange. The merged exchange is transforming itself from a mere local exchange to an important part of the world's financial markets.

Eugene Investment & Futures, founded in June, 1991 with a vision of "the Numger 1 Futures Company" has played a key role as the pioneer in futures and options market in Korea for about 15 years. In order to bring this vision into reality, Eugene Investment & Futures has striven to remake ourselves as the leading futures company catered to satisfy the diverse needs of our valued customer.

Eugene Investment & Futures maintain our leading edge to create the superb customer satisfaction via our abundant experiences and comprehensive know-how. And Eugene Investment & Futures develop the differentiated trading system tool which is tailored to each customer's needs. Now Eugene Investment & Futures seek to go beyond mere futures brokerage firm and to be a true partner of investment by developing value-creating customer service in the area of KOREAN financial derivatives.

Eugene Investment & Futures will become the best partner that will lead you to success in the Korean Futures Market

President & CEO Keon Ho Lee Eugene Investment & Futures